Monday, October 13, 2014

What Students Are Saying About Keystone Exams

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I can hear you sighing from here! The worst part is that the Algebra 1 Keystone tests Algebra 2 content!
well third time was not the charm for my algebra keystone
cause instead of making them take geometry how they made us the go to algebra to get ready for the keystone
I just got my keystone results and Dad: You failed your algebra test. Me: The test didn't work on me. Dad: Me: They call it Divergent.
If I don't pass this keystone tomorrow and am forced to take another remedial algebra class I quit school. 
Yeah I am not passing the Algebra Keystone
Well... looks like I will have to keep retaking my algebra keystone untill senior year...
if i failed the algebra keystone the first time, don't make me retake it because im just gonna fail it again. math is over rated
i already know im going to fail the algebra keystone
People in Precalc and calculus really should not have to take an algebra 1 keystone...
Yeah PA let's make the calc kids take the algebra 1 keystone
Okay so it's official I'm failing the algebra I keystone I barely knew it in 8th grade when we did it what makes you think I remember it?-.-
If you can't pass an Algebra I keystone you should probably get your box ready because that's where you're going to end up living
 This algebra keystone is a real inconvenience to my life 
 How I feel after taking the algebra keystone...

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