Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Legislation to Eliminate Keystone Grad Requirement

Here is a sample letter that can be used to write to legislators requesting to remove the keystone graduation requirement.  Feel free to copy, edit or use in any way.

Dear Representative ____________, 

I urge you to support PA HB 172 eliminating the keystone graduation requirement. Please support eliminating keystone exam requirement entirely rather than leaving it up to school districts to decide how to use them. This requirement is a burden to students, teachers and schools and a costly unfunded mandate for taxpayers.

Evidence PA Core Standards are Failing Students:


Copy and paste these email address to email the PA House Education Committee:

ssaylor@pahousegop.comjroebuck@pahouse.netrbrown@pahousegop.comjchristi@pahousegop.comhenglish@pahousegop.commgillen@pahousegop.comsgrove@pahousegop.comkhill@pahousegop.comHLewis@pahousegop.comboneill@pahousegop.comtquigley@pahousegop.com, klrapp@pahousegop.com, Mreese@pahousegop.comCStaats@pahousegop.comwtallman@pahousegop.commtobash@pahousegop.comdtruitt@pahousegop.commcarroll@pahouse.netsconklin@pahouse.netpharkins@pahouse.net, RepKim@pahouse.net, mlongiet@pahouse.netdmiller@pahouse.netgmullery@pahouse.netmobrien@pahouse.netssantars@pahouse.netschreiber@pahouse.net

Contact information for the PA House Education Committee is HERE

PA HB 172

Information on PA HB 172 Repealing the Keystone Exam Graduation Requirement Mandate can be found HERE. The memo explains the bill and the text is the actual bill.

PA HB 168

Information on PA HB 168 to leave the keystone graduation requirement up to school districts to decide can be found HERE. The memo explains the bill and the text is the actual bill. Please note that this bill will leave it up to the school districts to determine how to use the keystone exams. This is concerning because then school districts could choose to use them.