Sunday, April 26, 2015

Project-based Assessment Graded by Unpaid Teachers

An on-line application for teachers to sign up to be graders for the PBA’s is displayed on the Pennsylvania Department of Education Website  It states: 
PDE is seeking certificated Pennsylvania educators to evaluate Project Based Assessments in Algebra I, Biology, and Literature.  Educators selected to evaluate student projects must participate in online training.  Projects will be evaluated via an online portal.  ACT 48 HOURS WILL BE AWARDED FOR BOTH TRAINING AND PROJECT EVALUATIONS.
Act 48 requires all Pennsylvania educators to participate in ongoing professional education Unfortunately, the PDE has perverted the intention of Act 48 and decided that they have a cheap source of labor for grading the Project-based Assessments – teachers!    

Both students and teachers will be the losers if teachers are used as lackeys for rote grading of PBA’s in lieu of more appropriate ways of continuing their professional education.  Shame on the PDE for even considering this!!!

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