Thursday, May 14, 2015

PA Senate Education Committee

This is the contact information (email and twitter) for the PA Senate Education Committee

Chair, Lloyd K. Smucker:,      @SenatorSmucker
Minority Chair, Andrew E. Dinniman:


Mike Folmer:                         @SenatorFolmer

Joseph B. Scarnati lll:            @senatorscarnati
Patrick M. Browne:,               @SenatorBrowne
John H. Eichelberger Jr:
Dominic Pileggi:                    @SenatorPileggi
Robert M. Tomlinson:      @SenTomlinson


Daylin Leach:           @daylinleach

Rob Teplitz:           @SenatorTeplitz
Anthony H. Williams:    @SenTonyWilliams

Copy and paste the below for to send an email to all members of the PA Senate Education Committee:,,,,,,,,,,

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