Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 29th - PA State House Ed Committee Public Hearing

The PA State House Education Committee is holding a public hearing on assessments in Harrisburg Wednesday July 29th at 10AM in room G50 of the Irvis Building, 450 Commonwealth Ave, Harrisburg PA 17120-0303.  This hearing is meant to be an overview of PA’s current system of assessments (PSSAs and Keystone Exams) to discuss general information on State testing, the current status of State testing, areas of concern, and improvements that could be made.

There is growing concern about the negative effects of high stakes testing.  There is a tremendous need to demonstrate to our state legislators how many Pennsylvanians are upset about the testing landscape in our public schools.  A strong and unified showing is essential at this hearing.  Concerned parents are encouraged to attend the hearing wearing green T-shirts.  Concerned educators are encouraged to attend wearing blue T-shirts.  The following can be written on your shirt to ensure a unified and positive message: "Less testing = more..." and then choose your own word.  Creativity, inspiration, hands on time, time to learn, passion, freedom are some examples.

If you are an educator or district administrator in PA with a unique view on the negative impacts on high stakes testing, please consider submitting written testimony by Monday the 27th to the following contact: Jonathan Berger, Executive Director, Education Committee (R) PA House of Representatives at  Ask that your comments be entered into the hearing record, and your testimony will be disseminated to all committee members prior to the hearing.  For resources on relevant legislation and opting out of high stakes tests visit

All media inquiries should be directed to Dawn Sweeney at for comment.

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