Sunday, February 21, 2016

Opt Out PA 2016

As the Opt Out season approaches, here is updated information to help with opting out of the PSSA, Keystone exams (graduation requirement changes) and related test prep.


Pennsylvania - Opt Out Standardized Testing PA This FB group is this blog's official PA Opt Out discussion group on Facebook.  The group Admins are PA parents who are currently engaged in opting out and related educational issues.

Opt Out of State Standardized Test - Pennsylvania has been the most popular discussion group on Facebook.  However, the group owner and Admin does not have children in school in PA, is from New York and formerly employed by the NY Dept. of Ed.  About four years ago she created opt out groups on Facebook in every state.  Please consider carefully if this is a reliable group for discussing PA opt out issues. Many parents, myself included, have left this FB group and joined Pennsylvania - Opt Out Standardized Testing PA

Go here information on the FB groups:  Is Co-Opted Opt Out Lurking in Your State

Keystone Exams

Since the passage of SB 880, the graduation requirement has been delayed until the class of 2019.  Students in the classes of 2016, 2017 and 2018 can opt out of the Keystone exams and will not be required to do the Project Based Assessment (PBA).  This is important to note for all students, but especially for students in the class of 2018 who are scheduled to take the Biology and Literature Keystone exams this spring.

Go here for information: How to Opt Out of the Keystone Exams


No Changes in 2016.  Students can be opted out of the PSSA.

Go here for information:  How to Opt Out of the PSSA

Please note that the process for opting out of PASA (Pennsylvania Alternate System of Assessment) is the same process as PSSA opt out.


Go here for information:  How to Opt Out of Test Prep

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